PAPERHEAD – Alpha Demo

PAPERHEAD is a brutal Sci-Fi horror FPS set in a secret research facility that has managed to make cardboard bleed.

In PAPERHEAD you are infiltrating a top secret research facility to find out exactly what went wrong there. It seems that they were doing horrific things with cardboard and paper, that caused cardboard to turn into bloodthirsty monsters. Needless to say you’ll be leaving a trail of blood and tattered cardboard in your wake as you try to get to the root of the problem.

You start off PAPERHEAD with just your trusty boot to fend off monsters. This is actually a pretty effective weapon, as it allows you to jump on their heads, kick them and even kick explosive barrels at them. You’ll also get guns (such as the shotgun that’s in the demo), but a major part of your arsenal is a humble pencil…

The pencil has two functions in the demo, with more to come in the full game. You can draw bombs to kick at enemies and you can also use it as a reality hacking tool, which allows you to turn walls into doors and alter the values on control panels in some cool ways.

The current demo features five levels and takes around 30 minutes to play through. The combat feels very good (and gloriously brutal), the papercraft aesthetics look fantastic and the pencil mechanics are a clever touch that add a lot to the gameplay. It’s also pretty creepy, with some visions of a mysterious stickman entity and a much darker story than you’d expect from something made of cardboard. Highly recommended.

Check Out a PAPERHEAD Gameplay Video Here

Download The PAPERHEAD Alpha Demo Here (Windows)