Papetura – Alpha Demo

papetura game

Papetura is a beautiful looking papercraft point and click adventure inspired by Neverhood, Machinarium and Studio Ghibli that see’s you guiding the odd duo of Pape and Tura on a strange adventure in a world full of mystery, where everything can be alive.

The influence of Machinarium is immediately apparent (in a good way), with a similar puzzle style and intuitive interface.  The Alpha Demo is fairly short, and can be completed in a few minutes, but it’s worth checking out for the atmosphere and that fantastic papercraft art style.  After completing the demo you’ll be crying out for more – to follow the exploits of this unlikely duo and they go on a quest to save their mysterious world from impending doom.  A stunning paper & click adventure.

Check out the Greenlight page HERE

Check Out the IndieGoGo campaign HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)

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