Papilio – Alpha Download


Papilio is a beautifully animated pixel art side scrolling fantasy shooter inspired by classic shoot-em-ups such as Forgotten Worlds and S.C.A.T (or Final Mission).

Papilio’s  levels bristle with vibrant and colourful visuals, with inventive enemy designs including mini-bosses and large end of level bosses.  It’s worth noting that Papilio is not a bullet hell shooter, more of a classic old-school shoot-em-up where it’s possible to survive for more than 30 seconds.   Gamepay is fun, fast and full of action, with lots of cool power-ups, co-op play and a nifty ability to fire behind you if necessary.

Papilio really does revel in it’s retro arcade glory, with vibrant pixel art and a excellent audio – it feels like you should be playing it while feeding quarters into a old neon-lit arcade cabinet.

Follow the Papilio’s Development HERE

Download the Alpha Demo HERE

Update: You can now purchase the Full Alpha HERE