Para Bellum: Hold The Line – Pre-Alpha Download

Para Bellum: Hold The Line features a fusion of real-time strategy and tower defense as you command your troops in small scale military battles against waves of enemy soldiers.

A spin-off of the Para Bellum: The Unknown Soldiers, Hold The Line is a WWII real-time strategy game that tasks you with holding the line in tactical battles against waves of enemy troops. You can purchase different types of soldiers (Snipers, Riflemen, Grenadiers, etc) and you can fortify their positions with sandbags. Then you need to manage them as they’re attacked by waves of enemy infantry and tanks.

Your soldiers rank up as they kill enemies, but they can also die. You earn cash between waves (and from supply drops) which you can use to purchase new soldiers though and you can also unleash artillery attacks (though you may want to use them sparingly).

It could do with a bit more polish and a bunch more features, but it’s still early and development and even as it stands the core gameplay is very addictive. It’s definitely one to keep an eye on as it has a lot of potential.

Download the Para Bellum: Hold The Line Pre-Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Linux)