Parachute Pete – Game Jam Build Download

Parachute Pete game

Parachute Pete is a very silly side scrolling flying game in which you drop paratroopers onto enemy planes to bring them down. Did we say onto the enemy planes? Actually it’s more like into enemy planes, or to be more specific – into the jet engines of the planes to clog them up!

In Parachute Pete you are tasked with taking down ten enemy planes using your paratroopers. You fly around with the arrow keys and deploy the paratroopers with the spacebar. The little paratroopers are very enthusiastic and are happy to die for their country – which is a good thing because a LOT of them are going to die!

Each plane has gun turrets to defend it and multiple engines that keep it in the air. You must deploy your paratroopers in such a way that they drop into the engines of the planes and clog them up. Ten paratroopers are required to take out each engine and all the while you have to dodge bullets from the enemy turrets.

Many, many paratroopers will give their lives during the course of Parachute Pete, which surprisingly makes for a fun and light hearted game. Plus their sacrifice is more than worth it for taking down the owner of the final plane!

Check Out a Parachute Pete Gameplay Video Here

Download Parachute Pete Here (Windows & Mac)