Paradigm – Beta Demo


Paradigm is a very funny and wonderfully surreal point and click adventure in which you play a hideously deformed dance music loving mutant in a Neo-Soviet town populated by beatboxing vegetables, wisecracking computers and a sloth that vomits up candy bars!

Paradigm is weird, but in a very good way, its oddball humor is both charming and irreverent as you help your rather grotesque protagonist to turn on his computer and finish the EP of electronic music he’s been working on. There’s far more afoot in the game though, it turns out he was an abnormal genetically modified child that was created as part of a designer baby program that went wrong. Now his past looks set to catch up with him and he may just end up saving the world (but hopefully he’ll cut some sweet sweet beats in the process).

The world of Paradigm is packed full of fun little details and in jokes, but it’s the bizarre characters that really make the game stand out. Throughout the entire Beta Demo build, you don’t meet anyone that even resembles a normal, well adjusted human being. The beatboxing potted vegetable and the candy bar puking sloth are particular highlights, but it’s a joy getting to know everyone in this oddball adventure. We can’t wait to see what other oddities are in store int he full game!

Download The Paradigm Beta Demo Here (Win & Mac)