Paradise Lost – Beta Demo

Paradise Lost is a beautiful, but unsettling first person adventure where you search for a secret Nazi bunker in a devastated world where World War II never ended.

In Paradise Lost you take on the role of a 12 year old child who is exploring the ruins of an old train station in a post-nuclear Polish wasteland that’s been ravaged by a World War II that never ended. In this alternate timeline the war raged on for 20 years and the Nazis launched a nuclear attack that devastated Poland.

The Paradise Lost demo build takes around 20 minutes to play through and features two very different routes through the station. As you explore you’ll find relics and information about a secret Nazi Bunker and unearth a narrative about their horrifying plan to propagate an Aryanmaster race.

It’s a very impressive game with near-photorealistic visuals and a highly detailed game world that does a great job of environmental storytelling. It’s pretty much a sightseeing tour, so there’s no real action, but the dark story it weaves as you find each new piece of information really turns the stomach. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Paradise Lost Beta Demo Here (Steam)