ParadoxBob – Student Project Download


ParadoxBob is a fun Super Crate Box-style single screen arcade high-score chasing action platformer, full of fast paced action and assorted OTT weaponry.

Created by students at KDU University College, ParadoxBob offers up fun, fast paced arcade gameplay as you jump and shoot your way around levels, avoiding the time-police, while trying to go through as many time portals as possible.  As you jump through these portals your character (Bob) will transform into an alternate verision of himself (Such as Commando Bob or Robo Bob), complete with new weaponry and special moves.  It’s a fun gameplay mechanic that spices up the gameplay and always keeps you on your toes.

ParadoxBob does aboviously borrow a lot from Super Crate Box, but the character swapping and special moves are a great addition to the formula, making for a well crafted and very addictive game.

Download ParadoxBob HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)