Paramedium EX – Game Jam Build Download


Paramedium EX, a short but spooky blend of visual novel-style narrative and reflex testing action made for the Halloween Jam 2016, has you playing a modern day cleric who’s called in to remove a troublesome ghost from a residence.

You are a paramedium – someone who removes and arrests ghosts that are unlawfully haunting houses. These ghosts can’t really move on yet, but that doesn’t mean they have permission to annoy the living! You have been assigned to investigate an old house on the outside of the city. It’s just a level 3 ghost – should be a piece of cake!

When you reach the house you run into another paramedium who you have not seen before.  After speaking with them, you must get on with your job. Upon entering the old house, you find an equally old lady. She seems happy enough living in a very dirty home. After chatting to her, you can check out the house or head straight for the attic to get on with the ghostbusting. Once you find the presence of a ghost, you need to complete short reflex based minigames to defeat them before moving on.

The artwork and narrative in Paramedium Ex is very impressive throughout, with interesting characters to meet and some fun twists to really keep you on edge. The attic ghost isn’t the only danger in this game and not even your friend is safe from the insanities that happen on the job. You must watch out, defend yourself, and complete your job before leaving this ancient haunted home.

Download Paramedium EX Here (Win & Mac)