PARANOIHELL is a tense and atmospheric top-down survival horror where your world descends into a monster-filled nightmare as you try to get home from work.

Drawing inspiration from PS1 classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, PARANOIHELL follows a female bartender who as she tries to make her way home after a late shift. While cleaning up after closing time a stranger appears in the bar, claiming to know you and knowing an awful lot about the route you take when you walk home. Your mysterious stalker then vanishes and things really start to get weird as huge holes open up in the ground and grotesque demonic cops chase you. Getting home isn’t going to be easy!

The gameplay in PARANOIHELL is reminiscent of classic PS1 era survival horror games, with you having very limited, resources, weapons and inventory space. The weapons in the demo are melee based so you don’t need to worry about ammo, but they aren’t very durable so it can be best to avoid confrontations if you can. The demon cops are fast, but you can outrun them and hide from them, otherwise 2-5 good blows can dispatch them.

It’s still early in development but PARANOIHELL already shows a lot of promise. The pixel art visuals are excellent and combine with the creepy sound design to make for a very tense experience. Every encounter with an enemy feels dangerous and there are plenty of nasty surprises waiting around corners. It sure is going to be a long walk home…

Note: There’s a glitch at the end of the current build which causes the game to crash when a large floating head monster appears. That seems to be pretty much the end of the demo anyway though.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The PARANOIHELL Alpha Demo Here (Windows)