Paranormal Entities – Game Jam Build Download

Paranormal Entities is a terrifying and darkly humorous found footage styled first person horror game where you try to make a bit of extra cash by recording paranormal activity in an abandoned mental asylum.

Created for the Scream Jam 2020, Paranormal Entities puts you in the shoes of a freelance cameraman who has been recruited to take footage of an abandoned mental asylum for a couple of ghost hunters. You know very little about the asylum and its history, but one of the guys who recruited you keeps you clued in via an earpiece and gives you instructions as you navigate the place.

The jump scares come thick and fast, which usually gets tiresome, but Paranormal Entities’ ones are very well executed. This is partly due to the tense atmosphere and the excellent (humorous) voice acting, but also down to the sheer variety of different types of jump scare – it doesn’t do the same trick twice and you’re never sure where they’re coming from.

It’s an excellent slice of jump scare horror that has you on edge as soon as you enter the asylum and has a very entertaining story. Whatever they’re paying that cameraman, it’s nowhere near enough!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Paranormal Entities Here (Windows)