Pararomantic – Alpha Demo

Pararomantic features a charming and strange fusion of first person exploration, horror and visual novel elements where you find yourself in a monster-filled tavern called the Inbetween.

Created as part of a university course, Pararomantic is a dating horror visual novel with PS1 styled visuals and oddly charming Studio Ghibli-esque monsters. In the game you stumble across a strange inn after getting lost in a storm. It appears the inn may be located in a limbo between life and death, and it’s populated by some friendly, odd and occasionally dangerous monsters.

The current demo build of Pararomantic features the first day at the Inbetween, and doesn’t really contain any dating elements, but it does allow you to explore the inn and get to know its patrons. It’s got a wonderfully eclectic mix of characters, with some great monster designs and well-written dialogue. The retro styled visuals work really well and the game does a great job of nailing the Ghibli-esque spirit world vibe. Hopefully we’ll be able to stay in the Inbetween a little longer in the future!

Download The Pararomantic Alpha Demo Here (Windows)