Parasite – Alpha Demo


Parasite is a metroidvania-style puzzle-platformer that places you in the role of an alien worm, desperate to rid your home planet of a recent human infestation.

As a simple worm creature, you only have a single weapon at your disposal: the ability to infect a host and control their actions. As you crawl through the labyrinthine corridors of the humans’ space station, you will find four earthlings you can place under your wormy control, each with their own unique powers. Using these power-ups, you’ll have to traverse four unique biomes to eventually sabotage the station’s eight modules, thus ensuring the demise of the human invaders.

Parasite stays true to the non-linear style gameplay of its genre predecessors. Frequently, you’ll find yourself retracing your steps to save your progress or to solve a puzzle. Where Parasite changes things up is in its use of health as a resource for morphing. You’ll have to be incredibly shrewd with your morph use since, outside of checkpoints, health refills are few and far between. Parasite also has some tricky platforming sections that are guaranteed to have you cursing under your breath. It’s very fortunate then that the soundtrack is as catchy as it is, as you’ll be hearing a lot of it as you weave your way through the game’s levels.

Both the tutorial zone and the first station module are available to play in Parasite’s demo. If you’ve ever felt sorry for the Body Snatchers or rooted for Xenomorph domination, Parasite may just have the right combination of sci-fi weirdness and charming gameplay for you.

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