Party Animals – Beta Demo

Party Animals is a delightfully silly Gang Beasts-esque physics-based multiplayer fighting game where up to eight adorable little animals beat each other up in a variety of different environments.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was called Happy Nemo, Party Animals is a hilarious multiplayer party brawler with realistic physics and an assortment of incredibly cute combatants. It plays quite similarly to Gang Beasts, with you able to punch, grab and throw your rivals, but there are some significant differences and everything is 500% cuter.

The current build of Party Animals features a free-for-all fights across three different arenas and a team based mode where you compete to grab fellies. Free-for-all is the most popular game mode, with you fighting to be the last one standing as you use, punches, kicks, headbuts, throws and an assortment of weaponry to either permanently knock out your rivals or throw them out of the arenas.

At the moment it feels incredibly hard to make your attacks connect with your rivals, but when they do then the ragdoll physics are very satisfying. The cute little combatants are a delight to see in action and the different arenas are a lot of fun. Join in now to start punching some puppies!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Party Animals Beta Demo Here (Available Until Oct 13th)