Party, Darling? – Beta Download

Party Darling Game

Party, Darling? is a wonderfully weird and super funky murder mystery puzzle adventure in which you explore an ever changing mansion, interrogating and insulting the illusive Omar Clean’s guests, as you attempt to discover what’s really going on at his party.

Omar Clean has invited you to a mysterious party. You do not know anyone there or anything about Omar (other than he owns a huge mansion) but decide to go to the party anyway. Upon showing up, a butler asks to take your coat and then shows you around. There are a couple of rooms to explore and a handful of people to talk to. You can insult them or have a conversation with them. Then, when Omar Clean speaks to you, the real game begins.

Omar and you both get assaulted while you were talking. Omar is now dead, but a private detective has asked for your help in finding the killer. You must talk to witnesses, find the weapon, and find the  killer. The mansion is a very odd place though, filled with strange characters and weird clues. Each time you think you’ve figured things out, you’ll pass out and be transported to another (and often weirder) mansion, possibly set in another alternate reality.  Each version of the mansion is packed with partygoers to interrogate, often giving you useful information or items that will aid your investigation.  There’s also an interesting insult based combat system, which allows you to level up your stats as you defeat opponents.

With it’s wacky characters, funky soundtrack and bat-shit crazy plot, Party, Darling? is one party you won’t want to miss.  A marvellous mind-bending murder mystery adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

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