Party Hard 2 – Christmas Alpha Download

The devs behind Party Hard 2 have released a special Christmas Alpha build that allows players to cause all kinds of death and destruction at a festive party!

As we mentioned during the sign up for the previous Alpha build, Party Hard 2 expands on the party pooping murder-em-up gameplay of the original – introducing 3D objects and real-time physics into the mix as you go on your homicidal rampage. The aim is to kill all the guests without getting spotted and caught by the cops, with a wide variety of props and weapons that you can use to kill the parties stone dead.

The newly released Christmas Alpha build of Party Hard 2 sees you crashing a Christmas street party and putting an end to the festive frolicking by any means necessary. You can stab everyone one at a time if you like, but it’s much more fun to search for more inventive means of bumping them off – such as dropping a statue on someone or running a snow plow through a crowd of people. The level is much larger than those in the original game and incorporates randomised elements too, such as different weapons and building layouts which makes allows for plenty of replayability.

It’s a fun game, that offers a darkly humorous dose of murder that makes for the perfect antidote to the super saccharine festivities this time of year. You’re not spreading peace on Earth and goodwill to all men, but you are spreading pieces of men on the earth!

Download The Party Hard 2 Christmas Alpha Here (Requires Sign Up)