Passpartout – Alpha Download


Passpartout is a charming game in which you play a struggling French artist who attempts to please the critics and satisfy your customers needs without losing your artistic integrity.

In Passpartout you control an artist in a small art gallery who paints pictures then places them up on display for critics to critique and customers to purchase. You create these works of art yourself using the fairly limited color palette and a paintbrush. Obviously you’re never going to create any masterpieces using your mouse and the rudimentary painting mechanics in the game, but it’s fun to try (and with a bit of work this is possible). It’s still early in development, but we’d love to see some more complex painting utensils in the future (such as stencils and spray paints), and it can sometimes be a bit of a mystery as to how the game decides what is a ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ picture (our ‘incredible’ works of art weren’t particularly well received!)

The current Alpha build tasks you with selling 20 paintings to the public, and with a bit of work and by listening to their needs, you may manage to sell that many. But even if you end up penniless and unable to even give away your art it’s a fun game it’s a pleasantly creative experience. Occasionally you you may even make some works of art that don’t look terrible if you stand far enough away (a few meters away from the computer screen usually does the trick!)

Check Out Some of Our Terrible Works of Art Here

Download The Passpartout Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)