Past Twelve – Student Project Download

past twelve game download

Past Twelve is a dark and surreal 2D horror adventure in which you play a young photophobic boy who is tormented by an ancient evil entity known only as ‘The Creature’.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, Past Twelve offers up a short and surreal slice of survival horror as you explore an apartment block that can change in the blink of an eye. Light is a major theme throughout the game, with light sources often providing safety and a means of escape while the darkness holds a shadowy monster and warped versions of the real world.

The audio visuals design is excellent throughout Past Twelve, creating a tense and foreboding atmosphere as you explore the apartment block and unravel that you’d once forgotten. A Creepy little adventure where darkness can be deadly.

Note: Upon Unzipping the file you’ll find the .exe in the folder marked ‘Release’

Download Past Twelve Here (Windows)