Patch Quest – Beta Download

Patch Quest is a charming looking roguelike action adventure where you can mount and ride every monster in its colorful patchwork world!

Playable in single player or local 2 player co-op, Patch Quest takes place in the lost civilization of Patchlantis – a magical lane filled with cute monsters which, where the terrain gets shuffled every night by powerful storms. The monsters can be pretty aggressive and you’re pretty weak on your own, but you do have a handy lasso, which you can use to break each monster so you can use it as your mount (even bosses).

Each of the monsters has their own unique abilities, such as flight, tunnelling underground and spitting fire, which can come in handy during combat and also help you reach new parts of the world. As you progress you’ll also unlock a variety of useful gadgets to aid your adventure and if you level up your affinity with a monster then it can unlock new skills.

It’s a great looking game, with a charming cartoony visual style and a vibrant game world that’s packed full or weird and wonderful creatures. Being able to mount every monster you encounter is a great feature and should really help shake up the gameplay. Check out the Beta to start mounting monsters now!

To get the Patch Quest Beta just join the official Discord group and go to the #public-beta channel to add it to your library (requires the Discord Desktop app).