path of shadows

Path of Shadows is a great looking 3rd person cel shaded stealthy assassin game with supernatural overtones, inspired by Tenchu, Metal Gear Solid, Dishonored and Mark of the Ninja.

You take control of an assassin who has been given a second chance at life by a mysterious goddess.  She brings you back from the dead and grants you the ability to manipulate shadows to your advantage, allowing you to do such things as teleport between shadows, hide bodies and use (X-ray) Shadow vision to locate and stalk enemies.

It’s still in the prototype stages, but already the cel shaded graphics look beautiful and the stealth based gameplay is remarkably solid.  Like any great stealth game, you’re very fragile if exposed, but when you’re stalking an enemy in the shadows you’re deadly.

Visit the official website HERE

Download the Prototype HERE

UPDATE:  The Official Steam Greenlight page is now live, Vote for it HERE