Path of Sramana – Student Game Download

Path of Sramana is a beautifully animated action platforming adventure where you venture into the spirit realm to save your father’s soul.

Created by students of the Animation Workshop, VIA University College and Sonic College, Path of Sramana is a beautifully drawn platforming adventure that follows a young shaman who enters the spirit realm after her father’s soul fails to return from his last shamanic journey. In the spirit world there are many dangers, but there are also powerful spirits who offer you guidance and bestown new abilities upon you.

Path of Sramana has some jaw-droppingly beautiful visuals and a fascinating lore, but at the moment the actual gameplay is a little frustrating. This is largely due to the fact that your character’s floaty jumps lack precision and you constantly hang up on environmental objects while jumping. It’s a shame as the rest of the game is a very polished experience and its mystical spirit world is a fascinating place to explore. With a few tweaks to the character physics it could be a fantastic fantasy platforming adventure. As it stands, it’s still worth checking out, but getting around the world is a little frustrating.

Download Path of Sramana Here (Steam)