Path of the Rabbit – Game Jam Build Download

Path of the Rabbit Game Download

Path of the Rabbit, a sleek and addictive tile based puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you placing tiles to guide a rabbit around the screen, fighting predators and attempting to level up enough to beat the boss!

In Path of the Rabbit, your rabbit will move along the paths placed out before it, like a train going along a track, until it reaches a dead end. As the rabbit moves along these paths, they disappear from the tiles. This can lead to various blank tiles dotted around the board. You can stack tiles on top of each other to create new paths – the rabbit will hop on top of higher tiles and then down from them to lower tiles that follow the path.  You have to be careful not to make your rabbit go up any dead ends at the edge of the play area though or it’ll get stuck.

Your little rabbit does have more than just hopping around to do though. Every turn you take its water level depletes and you’ll need to restock it by getting her to hop across a tile with water in it.  There are also foxes and wolves that occupy some tiles. If the rabbit crosses paths with a predator, it will automatically fight it. This will cost the rabbit some of its life, but also over time make it stronger, with it levelling up its health after defeating a certain amount of enemies. You need to space out the enemies though – your rabbit won’t have enough health to battle two enemies in a row, but will regain a little health every time you hop across a tile.

Path of the Rabbit looks fairly simple, but it’s a surprisingly challenging and strategic little game. Your overall goal is to have enough fights to level up your rabbit enough to take on the boss, and you’ll really have to plan your movements well to get that far. Laying tiles is a constant balancing act of avoiding dead ends, supplying water, battling enemies and recovering health.  With a bit of forward planning you’ll be able to kick those predators asses though in this tough, clever and addictive little bunny hopping puzzler.

Download Path of the Rabbit Here (Win Only)