PathBlasters – Beta Sign Up

PathBlasters is a fast paced arcade puzzle game where you attempt to clear a route for your character before they get squashed off the screen.

Playable in single-player and online or local multiplayer, PathBlasters is an arcade puzzle game where you need to think fast as you blast a path for your character. The gameplay blends elements of sokoban and Bomber Man gameplay, with you sliding blocks and using bombs to blow them up.

There are various multiplayer games you can play – one where you need to reach a certain score, one where the screen scrolls faster when you’re near the top of the screen and one where you can summon obstacles to your rival’s side. A key tactic revolves around manoeuvring the colored blocks so that they link up, then using a bomb to destroy all of them at the same time.

It’s a fun looking game that could make for a very addictive mixture of gameplay elements. Sign up for the Beta to start blasting a path early!

Sign Up For The PathBlasters Beta Here (Click “request Access”)