Pathogen X – Prototype Download

Pathogen X is a fast and fun retro styled survival horror game where you attempt to infiltrate a mutant-filled lab and escape with the vaccine for the virus that’s caused the outbreak.

Drawing inspiration from 90’s survival horror games like Resident Evil, Dino Crisis and Deep Fear, Pathogen X sees you stepping into the shoes of Agent Hawk – a special agent who has been sent into investigate the source of a virus that turns everyone infected into a bloodthirsty mutant. The full game will feature a full story mode and more features, but the current build gives players access to Shuffle Mode – an arcadey take on survival horror with a randomly generated facility and permadeath.

At the moment it is a bit on the easy side, so it could probably do with making the mutants a little harder to take down. Aside from that it’s off to a great start though – the mutants look suitably grotesque, the guns feel great (except front he missile launcher) and if does a good job of balancing modern and retro game design. The retro aesthetics and vibrant color palette are particularly enjoyable and things really heat up when the big mutants arrive!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Pathogen X Prototype Here (Windows)