Patient Rogue – Game Jam Build

Patient Rogue is a very addictive card based dungeon crawling roguelike in which you use card based weapons, equipment and spells to fend off monsters and make your way down through a dungeon.

In Patient Rogue your aim is to make it as deep into a randomly generated card based dungeon as possible. Each level of the dungeon is made up of a selection of cards that are placed face down. When you turn the cards over they can contain the exit (which takes you to the next level), spells, food, armor or weapons that can aid your progress, or they can contain enemies which you need to dispatch.

When fighting enemies you can either click on them to do 1 damage or you can drag and drop one of the cards in your hand on top of them to do more damage. Unless you kill an enemy in one turn then they will attack you back so it’s best dispatching them as quick as possible. As well as managing your health you also have to take care of your hunger – any action you perform raises your hunger bar so you need to eat some food now and again to keep your strength up.

It’s a simple, but very addictive little game that offers a nice mixture of card based tactical combat and roguelike dungeon crawling. You’ll really have to play your cards right to conquer these deadly dungeons!

Play Patient Rogue Here (Browser)