Paused – Pre-Alpha Download

Paused is a non-combative time bending third person platformer in which you control a cute little otter which can slow down time to a stand still.

In Paused you control Thea, an otter with the ability to unleash a Shimmer field – a dome-shaped time bubble that emanates from your character, slowing down everything within its area. At the center of the Shimmer field time slows to a total stop, but the further out you go the more normal time gets. You need to use your Shimmer field to solve diverse puzzles as you make your way through the rocky canyons you’re trapped in.

It’s still very early in development so has a few rough edges, but Paused impresses with its charming 3D visuals, inventive time-bending puzzling and great level design. Easily the best otter-based time manipulating puzzle platformer you’ll play this year!

Download The Paused Pre-Alpha Here (Windows)