Pavel Quest – Beta Download

pavel quest game

Pavel Quest is a fast paced and well designed single button puzzle platformer that see’s you using precision timing to survive and escape a labyrinthine Castlevania-style castle.

The premise of Pavel Quest is fairly simple – your character is constantly running, you simply have to press a button to make him jump.  Ever since Canabalt, there has been no shortage of games where the character is constantly running forward, with you pressing jump to avoid obstacles.  What makes Pavel Quest different (and far superior) to these is the inventive level design that turns every level into an intricate puzzle which you must solve and successfully navigate.

You need precision timing and brain power to plan and execute your route through this well crafted puzzle platformer.  Pavel Quest offers up a surprising amount of depth and variety for a game which only requires one button to control.  A perfectly executed pixel art precision puzzle platformer.

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