Pavor Nocturnus – Game Jam Build

Pavor Nocturnus

Pavor Nocturnus, a game made for the Asylum Jam, is short and sinister tale in which you try to figure out where your girlfriend and your dog have gone.

It’s a normal day – well, accept your girlfriend Sal did not wake you up. You explore the house, examining photos and screensavers, noting how pretty Sal is. Then, things change when you find your dog’s collar covered in Sal’s hair.

All of a sudden the world looks different. You see things a bit… differently. Gone are the beautiful pictures of Sal. Replacing them are how things truly are. Pictures and different objects bring out the true anger you feel towards your girlfriend and dog. Your appartment changes to reflect how you feel about anything – from the little items left behind, to the dog bed on the porch.  What has happened to your two best girls?

Play Pavor Nocturnus Here (Browser)