Pe@ce – Game Jam Build

Pe@ce, an ASCII-styled platformer made for the Ludum Dare 41, has you attempting to make it through a deadly trap-filled facility!

in Pe@ce you control a nimble little ‘@’ sign that flips around and moves quickly through each platforming level. The world around you – a strangely abandoned facility – is full of traps, doors to travel through, and keys to find. You need to work your way through it, sometimes backtracking to unlock doors you previously couldn’t get too, while trying to survive.

Levels have various dangers – spikes that appear, deadly water, and pipes that blow out burning steam. Being hit will force you to go back to the door you entered the level in. A lot of the jumps and movements in Pe@ce must be carefully timed, doing something too soon or too late will result in running into dangers. There are a lot of dangers to look out for, with over 30 levels and 3 boss rooms to take on.

It’s a fun little platforming adventure with a very cool visual style and challenging level design. The movement of your character as well as the placement of traps feels just right in Pe@ce – providing a challenging but fair platformer. Will you be able to escape?

Play Pe@ace Here (Browser)