Peck N Run – Prototype Download

Peck N Run is an adorable little game where you are a little sandpiper bird that attempts to gather enough food for its chicks while avoiding the waves as they roll in.

In Peck N Run you just have to run out onto the beach while the sea is out, peck to grab any shellfish that are unearthed and then take them back to your chicks. You have a time limit and an amount of food that’s needed for each round and shellfish that’s closer to the water’s edge gains you more points but takes more pecks to pick up. The sea will also wash up debris for you to dodge and if you do get caught by a wave then you’ll lose the food in your mouth.

It’s a pretty simple little game at the moment, but it’s a charming premise and the way your little sandpiper scampers around the beach is adorable. It’d be nice to see it expanded on in the future with more features as the core gameplay is great fun. A cute little bird pecking arcade game well worth pecking up.

Download The Peck N Run Prototype Here (Windows)