Peeb Adventures – Beta Demo

Peeb Adventures is a quirky and oddly creepy retro styled 3D platforming adventure where an odd little character with a big trunk gets banished into the back-code of an old abandoned video game.

In Peeb Adventures you control a bizarre (and slightly rude) looking Q-Bert-esque character as he goes on an adventure in a vibrant Mario 64 style 3D game world. It’s a charming looking place with colorful visuals, cheerful characters and bananas to collect. But there’s something a little broken about it all – like it’s an old abandoned prototype with glitches, broken passageways and the odd creepy moment and splash of gore.

It’s a fun game that plays with its old broken video game theme in some creative ways and throws up some great little surprises along the way. There are lots of easter eggs to discover, (including some secret zones) and the core platforming gameplay is very enjoyable – particularly the grappling hook ability and a certain ability you access by pressing the Right Trigger. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Peeb Adventures Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)