Penumbra – Game jam Build Download

Penumbra is a tense and atmospheric first person puzzler where you attempt to make it to your neighbor’s house by keeping the wolves in the dark and you in the light as you travel through the forest.

In each level of Penumbra you read a letter from your neighbor then attempt to walk through the woods to their house. However, the woods are full of wolves, waiting in the darkness to eat careless wanderers. To move safely through the woods you need to make sure that you stay in the light and the wolves stay in the darkness. You have one candle which you can move around and place anywhere on the ground, but you need to make sure you don’t light up any wolves when you do so or you’ll be dog food! Things start off fairly easy, but as the wolves increase and the houses move further apart, things get much trickier.

It’s a simple, but well crafted little puzzle adventure with a clever premise and a very creepy atmosphere. The levels are well designed and notes from your neighbor help to flesh out the story and build a sense of impending doom. A walk in the woods well worth taking,

Download Penumbra Here (Windows)