People’s Committee of Game Development – Game Jam Build

People’s Committee of Game Development is a fun little soviet styled game development sim where you attempt to make the best games possible from the limited selection of workers, hardware, genres, themes and propaganda you have access to.

In People’s Committee of Game Development you are tasked with developing games for a socialist state. For each game you have three staff slots to fill, three hardware slots to fill and three genre/marketing slots to fill. For each spot you fill you are given a random selection of three choices to choose from but you can only have one staff member/hardware piece in a specific position so you have to be careful which ones you choose.

The staff and the hardware all have star ratings which can dramatically effect the quality of your final game, especially once they’ve been run through the modifiers you choose during the genre/marketing phase. When picking your staff members it’s worth paying attention to the information about them as their gender or specialisation can net you some extra points. Fail to create a good game and you’ll have to start again, but if you create a good game then you’ll be able to select a permanent modifier and carry on creating another game – this time requiring a higher approval rating to pass.

It’s an addictive little game with a great visual style and a clever twist on management sim gameplay that makes it as much about memory as analyzing stats, with you trying to remember relevant facts about your staff, hardware and design choices. A game about making games that makes for a surprisingly good game!

Play People’s Committee of Game Development Here (Browser)

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