Pepper Grinder – Beta Demo

Pepper Grinder is a fast paced 2D action platforming adventure where you have a directional drill that allows you to bore through the ground.

In Pepper Grinder you are a seafaring adventurer who ends up shipwrecked on an island and robbed of your treasure. You now need to explore the island, battle the pirates that stole your loot and recover it for yourself. To aid you on this adventure you have a very nifty handheld drill that you can use to burrow through sand, break cracked walls and propel you through water.

It’s a great game with excellent pixel art animation, responsive controls and beautifully crafted environments with lots of great little details (like a giant casually walking past in the background). The drilling mechanics are particularly fun and the levels are well designed to test your drilling skills in challenging ways. Highly recommended.

Download The Pepper Grinder Beta Demo Here (Steam)