Perfection – Student Project Game

Perfection is a sinister first person psychological horror game that evaluates your personality as you play it, as you explore a strange clinic that’s dedicated to helping you achieve perfection.

In Perfection you find yourself visiting a psychological clinic that claims to help it’s patients achieve perfection, in mind and in body. It’s an enticing prospect – perfection is something we all aim for in some way through often fall way short, so maybe the clinic will help you make you and your life perfect… or maybe not.

It soon becomes apparent that there’s something sinister going on in the Perfection clinic and the way that it reacts to you is is somewhat dictated by your actions and the choices you make. Will you follow directions? Will you examine every item you see? Will you run from danger or confront it?

It’s a clever little slice of psychological horror that not only freaks you out but gives you a psychological evaluation along the way. The creepy clinic that’s more likely to freak you out than make you perfect. Maybe you should accept your imperfections and get the hell out of there!.

Note: It’s worth tuning on the radio the second time you make your way into the reception area as you’ll hear an informative message from one of the devs.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Perfection Here (Windows)