Peridium – Game Jam Build Download

Peridium Game Download

Peridium is a wonderfully macabre point and click horror adventure set in a remote Antarctic research station where an ancient fungal organism appears to have infected the rest of your team.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, Peridium offers a a dark slice of sci-fi horror, fondly reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing. You play Dr. James Turner, who was studying an ancient fungal organism found deep within the ice when something went terribly wrong. He now thinks the virus has infected everyone in the facility and he’s locked yourself away in one of it’s bunkers to heal his wounds and find some means of escape.

Much like in The Thing, the tension and terror in Peridium lies in not knowing who to trust. It’s clear James believes the virus has infected everyone else, but you only have his word for it and it’s clear there’s something not quite right with him either – he’s heavily wounded and keeps on having strange visions. Is he mad? Is no-one infected? Is he infected? Is everyone infected? And where’s R.J. MacReady when you need him?

It’s an atmospheric and tense little adventure that’s brought to life via some excellent pixel artwork and some well voiced narration. A delightfully dark, brutal and witty little adventure well worth defrosting.

Download Peridium Here (Windows)

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