Permafrost – Game Jam Build Download

Permafrost is a stylish little first person puzzle adventure where you maneuver a mysterious entity that mirrors your movements to help you escape from an ancient shrine.

Created for the 2020 Unreal Spring Jam, in Permafrost you take on the role of a villager who has ventured into an ancient shrine in search of a way to put an end to the long Winter that’s plagued your village. Getting to the heart of the temple is pretty easy, but after a cave-in you’ll have to find another way out. Thankfully though, you have the aid of a strange entity that lives inside reflections in the ice and mirrors your movements, allowing you to push inaccessible pressure plates and open a way to the exit.

It’s a great little puzzle adventure that’s full of well crafted puzzles and beautiful icy scenery. Your mysterious little mirrored buddy really comes in handy as you make your way through the temple and makes you feel a little less lonely too.

Download Permafrost Here (Windows)