Permanence – Game Jam Build

Permanence is a well crafted Sokoban-esque puzzler that tells the harrowing tale of loss and uses a cleverly implemented line of sight mechanic that means things are always the same until you look at them.

In Permanence you play a father who drinks to forget a tragic event. Every night he drinks and enters into a series of Sokoban-esque puzzles that require strategic manoeuvring of boxes and button presses to open a pathway to the exit. However, all the doorways will only move if you see them move – if you don’t look at a doorway and press a switch to open it then it will stay closed, and similarly, if a doorway is open and you press/unpress a button while not looking at it then the doorway will stay open.

Permanence seems like a fairly simple Sokoban game initially, but once the line of sight mechanics are implemented it really gets tough. You constantly have to plan ahead and think outside of the box as you make your way through the games deviously designed levels and unravel more of the father’s story. A cleverly crafted puzzler with a powerful narrative.

Download Permanence Here (Windows)