PES 22 – Open Beta (Playstation & Xbox)

PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series S/X owners can now download and play the open Beta for PES 22, oddly titled in the online store as “New Football Game Online Performance Test“.

PES has been second fiddle to the FIFA series for a while now, but PES 22 is making some serious strides to try and take EA’s crown. Obviously PES still doesn’t have the official FIFA licence but Konami have been quite aggressive in snapping up the rights for individual clubs, now tih a large list of the biggest teams in Europe, including Barcelona, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Atalanta, Roma, and Juventus.

Aside from some roster changes, you’ll also notice that PES 22 has now switched to Unreal Engine. FIFA still does look better than PES, but at least the gap is closing and the character animation is excellent. The Open Beta features four playable teams (Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Barcelona) and is only playable in online multiplayer. The current PES 22 Open Beta is live now and will run from now until the 8th of July 2021 2021 (00:00 UTC). This is very much a Beta test though, so expect issues with servers and some matches with high ping rates.

Download The PES 22 via the Respective Playstation and Xbox Stores