Petarimubu ペタリムーブ – Game Jam Build

Petarimubu (ペタリムーブ) is a quirky little physics-based action game where you move your four legs independently to traverse a narrow tunnel system without letting your body touch a surface.

Created for the Unity 1 Week Game Jam, in Petarimubu your aim is simply to travel through a winding tunnel system without letting your body come into contact with a wall. You have four long and stretchy legs which you can attach to the surrounding walls by using the mouse. Each time you click on a wall one of your legs automatically detaches from its original place and transfers to the new one. You can tell which leg is about to detach as it has a slightly smaller “foot” and the trick lies in making sure that your feet are spread out well enough to about hitting a wall (so you don’t want all four feet on the same wall for instance).

It’s a simple, but fun and addictive little game which can get surprisingly tricky later on as the tunnels get narrower and bendier. By the end you’ll have a newfound respect for spiders as they make coordinating twice the amount of legs seem easy!

Play Petarimubu Here (Browser)