Pete and the Beanstalk – Game Jam Build

pete and the beanstalk

Pete and the Beanstalk, an endless runner made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you running up a beautiful ever-growing beanstalk, avoiding thorns and collecting flowers.

Pete the penguin came across a beautiful beanstalk sprouting one day. He decided to climb it.  As you run up this ever-growing plant, branches start to grow off the main steam. These branches are pretty rough, almost thorn like. You must teleport to the other side of the stem to avoid them. If you run into any of thse stems, you will lose a life.

These thorny stems are not the only thing growing off of this strange flower. Other small stems with their own pretty flowers also grow. You can teleport to the side that has grown the flower and jump up to collect it. These flowers will give you a bonus score at the end of the game (whenever you run out of lives). The longer you play, the faster this game gets, giving you more of a challenge.  Help Pete run up the very pretty beanstalk, in this super stylish endless runner!

Play or Download Pete and the Beanstalk Here (Win & Browser)