Petrichor – Prototype Download


Petrichor is a very pretty 2D pixelated adventure platformer where you play as a wandering girl in a mystical world that’s always raining.

As you adventure through this world you’ll overcome obstacles through experimentation and by finding hand drawn notes.  Finding these notes (or a piece of wet paper with a drawing on it) allows you to learn new ways to venture through the world like climbing a ledge, jumping, running, or starting a fire, assisting you to unravel the games puzzles and explore more of the beautifully crafted world.

Petrichor‘s persistently raining world is a joy to explore making for a charming platform adventure full of beautiful pixel art and the inventive puzzle design (and rain).  Bring an umbrella and a thirst for discovery.

Check out the Games Website HERE

Download the Petrichor Prototype HERE

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