Petty Puny Planet – Game Jam Build Download

Petty Puny Planet Game

Petty Puny Planet, a super silly God simulator made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you attempting to manage a small planet by deciding what happened to it every one hundred years – with you able to do anything from holding a festival to making Anime real!

You are a god who has created a lovely little pet planet and now it’s time to play around with the tiny people on this piece of space rock! Each interaction with your planet does tire you, so you have to live with your choice for 100 of the planet’s years. These years will go by, and whatever happens will happen, before you can interact with the planet again.

The interactions in Petty Puny Planet come in the form of three or four options. Some options don’t do much, others combine with previous choice to make a huge difference on your planet. These choices also affect the physical look of your planet.You can show your planet fire, let them learn how to cook, create a dictator, add wealth, and much more. If you keep your planet happy, it will prosper!

Petty Puny Planet has many random options and events that can really change your planet, as well as many different endings to explore. It’s got a great sense of humor and it’s great fun experimenting with different options to see how they affect your cute little planet. A God sim that lets you enjoy being a God and not worry too much about the (often bizarre) ramifications of your actions!

Play or Download Petty Puny Planet Here (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & Browser)