Phaeria’s Mine – Game Jam Build

Phaeria’s Mine is a simple but surprisingly tough little real time strategy game in which you try and manage the huge deposits of gold in your newly built mine and have to deal with the six surrounding armies that keep on attacking you for your gold.

In Phaeria’s Mine you manage the resources in a poor, desolate kingdom that has recently come into some wealth that it plans to use for the good of the kingdom. Your mine has a vast amount of gold, but not infinite and the more of it you mine the more of the surrounding armies will attack you. You can build and upgrade taverns at each of the entrances to your city, but they can cost money to upkeep, in fact sometimes it can be more economical to just let the other kingdoms in to steal your money.

You can upgrade your mine, pay cash to your troops or just let the surrounding armies steal your money – but no matter which option you choose you’ll be using up gold that could do a lot of good in your kingdom. Once the mine runs dry you’ll be given different endings depending on how well you managed your resources and how much gold you managed to stockpile for the future. It may look like a fairly simple game but it can be surprisingly hard to finish without squandering all of your gold!

Play or Download Phaeria’s Mine Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)