Phantasmal – Alpha Download

Phantasmal 1

Phantasmal is a particular favorite at Alpha Beta Gamer, its terrifying procedurally generated mansion still freaks us out every time we play it, so we’re always happy when a new build comes along. For those unaware, we first covered Phantasmal back in May, and loved the claustrophobic level design, pant-wettingly horrific monsters, varied weaponry, brutal difficulty and the well implemented procedurally generated level design.  All of which works together to make each playthough as terrifying as the last, with you never knowing what macabre horrors lurk behind the next corner.

There’s plenty of weaponry in Phantasmal, but you’ll have to be smart if you’re going to last for longer than 5 minutes.  Stay very quiet and use your weapons and flash-light only when necessary and you MIGHT survive this procedurally generated nightmare.  You’ll need a steady nerve and a LOT of luck on your side though.  Make no bones about it, this is a very hard game!

Notes:  Stealth is always the best option especially when dealing with the blind enemies, use crouch (L-Ctrl) to sneak past them – crouched movement is soundless.  Also keeping the torch switched off will lower your chances of detection, even to creatures with sight.

Watch out for the Darkchilde that’s invisible while you have your torch turned on.  If you hear a freaky Laugh loop then it is nearby, or catch a glimpse of it during a lightning strike you should turn your flash-light off immediately.   Otherwise the screen will go red, you’ll start to hallucinate, then die.  Also, creating too much noise from fighting, running around, or knocking into things will eventually wake the sleeper (sort of like a Pyramid Head), which will hunt you down and terminate you with extreme prejudice.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available