Phantasmal – Steam Key Giveaway


Phantasmal is one of the most nerve-wrecking and terrifying horror games we’ve ever featured on Alpha Beta Gamer – a procedurally generated nightmare full of dread and jump scares that will really test your sanity.  And to to celebrate it’s full release on Steam we’re doing a giveaway!

We first featured Phantasmal a loooooong time ago when it was just in the early Pre-Alpha stages of development and were hugely impressed by it’s claustrophobic atmosphere, hideous monsters and seamless procedural generation which meant you never knew what was lurking behind the next corner.  2 Years have passed since then and during that time, and the developer, Eyemobi, has certainly been very busy.

All of Phantasmal’s (already impressive) visuals have seen a significant revamp, packed with so much detail and variety that even though this is a procedurally generated game, you’ll never come across a ‘generic’ or bland looking room.  You’re also no longer confined to roaming a creepy mansion – now you have access to the whole city of Kowloon, and must uncover it’s secret to stand any chance of escape.

One thing that (thankfully) hasn’t changed in all this time though is that it’s still scary as hell and tough as nails. You’re able to scavenge and use weaponry, but you are fragile, and the horrible abominations that roam the city will tear you to shreds if you’re not careful.  Stealth and diversions are usually a better tactic than a full on assault, and your health isn’t the only thing you need to worry about – your sanity matters too.

The visual design of the monsters you’ll encounter is fantastic throughout, but the most scary aspect about Phantasmal is the procedural generation – no two playthough’s are ever the same so you’re never sure what horror awaits behind the next corner. Sure you’ll be frightened of the monsters, but you’ll be terrified of the unknown…..

To celebrate the release of Phantasmal on Steam, we have 10 Steam Keys to give away! Enter Via the widget below. Winners will be notified on the 16th.

UPDATE: Giveaway finished. Better luck next time!