Phantom Fury – Alpha Demo

Phantom Fury is a bombastic Ion Fury sequel where Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison gets a robotic arm and embarks on an Unreal Engine powered fully 3D FPS adventure.

Taking place many years after the original, Phantom Fury swaps the (Duke Nukem 3D) Build Engine for Unreal Engine and sees Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison tasked with tracking down a dangerous artefact called the Demon Core. Shelly has recovered from the events of Ion Fury and she’s got a nifty robotic arm into the bargain, which you’ll be able to upgrade with new abilities throughout the game (as well as being able to upgrade your weapons).

The current Phantom Fury demo sees Shelly attempting to escape from an out-of-control train. It’s still early in development so there are some minor bugs, but already it seems like a significant upgrade over the much loved original. The movement and guns feel great (though the shotgun could do with a little more power), there’s lots of environmental interactivity and there are some bombastic set-pieces. It packs more action into 15 minutes than most games manage in several hours. For anyone worried about the jump to Unreal Engine, Shelly’s still got it!

Check Out an Phantom Fury Gameplay Video Here

Download The Phantom Fury Alpha Demo Here (Steam)