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Phase game

Phase, a cleverly crafted room shifting puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you trying to make your way out of your locked room by phasing between different dimensions!

In Phase you play a kid just trying to leave their room to play with their friend, however the door is locked. There is no way to unlock the door, so you must instead find a way around it. You do this by jumping from reality to reality, seeing different versions of your room, and unlocking new ones to travel to. Sometimes the new version of your room is on top of furniture or out of reach, so you must jump to a different version of your room where that isn’t a problem and attempt to line the player up with the object so they can phase on top of furniture in the next room.

While you take your time trying to figure out how to escape, your friend continues to yell for you from your door, telling you to hurry up. The room around you can start to expand, showing you a yard or a bathroom, and you go through more realities you will find that sometimes your room doesn’t even make sense. If you stick with it, however, you may finally be able to make it out and hang out with your friend!

Note: Full Screen Recommended

Play or Download Phase Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)

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