Phi – Student Game Download

Phi is a chilled out little minimalist action game where you control a weird snake/slug-like creature that squirms about and collects lost souls to take to their final resting place.

Created by students from DigiPen Institute of Technology, in Phi you take control of Phi – a strange shadowy snake-like creature that is tasked with gathering lost souls in the ancient ruins of a cold and desolate world. To open up pathways to the souls’ final resting place you’ll collect as many as you can of them and try to follow certain little rutes marked on the levels.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Phi is a fairly easy game, but fun and rather relaxing. The animation and movement of your high speed slug creature is particularly pleasing and the minimalist visuals work well. A wonderfully serene little slithering adventure.

Download Phi Here (Steam)