Phobophia – GameJam Build


Phobophobia, a game made for the Indies vs Pewdiepie Jam, tasks you with figuring out peoples fears and freaking them out.

Everyone is afraid of something, whether it be spiders, computers, or even outer space.  It is your job to figure out who has what fear at a party you have been invited too. By picking up objects, you can take them to people around the house and see their reactions. You must find the person who has arachnophobia (fear of spiders), astrophobia (fear of outerspace), cyberphobia (fear of computers), and dysmorphobia (fear of one’s own body).

There are quite a few objects that can be picked up, some having nothing to do with the fears. If you pick up the meat, you can find which people are vegans or vegetarians! If you pick up books, you can find out who can and cannot read. To find the person with the phobia, however, you must find the object that will trigger the fear in a person. Then, you must find a person to react with fear to the object. If you find the correct person, a *bing* noise will sound, and if you push the object into said fearsome person, they will panic and disappear from the party. It’s pretty simple, but really fun to play.

Learn about fears and freak people out in this short, sweet game with a nice sense of humor.

Play it in your Unity supported browser HERE